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Viscoclyn AS33

Nom générique :

Acrylate Copolymer

Fabricant :

Scott Bader

Quantité :

503 000 kgs

Emballage :

503 totes de 1000 kgs

# de lot :

Disponible sur demande

Apparence :

Liquide blanchâtre

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Date de réanalyse :


Détails :

Viscoclyn AS33 is an APEO-free alkali swellable emulsion (ASE) thickener. It will suspend and thicken shower gels, shampoos, bubble-baths and a variety of other HI&I products. Unlike many other ASE thickeners, thickening occurs at pH of 6.4 to 7.0.

Additional technical applications:

- Water-based adhesives: Tile mastics, Glue, Wall paper pastes & paste removers, Sealants (i.e., duct sealants)

- Temporary coatings: Dust abatement coatings (i.e., “dirt-glue”), Water-borne cure & seal concrete coatings, alkaline coating removers

- Coatings – High film build: Stucco, EIFS (External Insulation and Finishing Systems), Asphalt sealers and crack fillers, Low-end artist paints, Barn paint