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Miranol C2M MW

Nom générique :

Disodium Cocoampho Diacetate 50%

Fabricant :

Verdant Specialty (ex-Solvay)

Quantité :

11 220 kgs

Emballage :

51 barils de 220 kgs

# de lot :

2 # de lot disponible sur demande

CAS # :


Apparence :

Liquide jaune visqueux

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Détails :

Miranol C2M CONC NP QH is one of the mildest amphoteric surfactants of its class and is suggested for personal care and industrial, home & hygiene applications. In personal care formulations such as shampoos, bubble baths, and body cleansers, Miranol C2M CONC NP QH provides a moderate lather and cleans without defatting the skin to give a rich, conditioning effect.

Miranol C2M CONC NP QH is stable over a wide pH range (2-13) which makes it ideal for industrial applications. It is useful for the formulation of products used around food preparation areas, hospital cleaners, and high alkaline hard surface cleaners. Miranol C2M MW is frequently used as the only surfactant in products such as premoistened wipes.

• Hand Soap
• Face & Body Cleansers
• Sensitive Skin
• Bubble Bath
• Wipes/Micellar Water