Andisil OH 20,000

Generic Name:

Silanol Functional Fluid


AB Specialty Silicones


13 300 kgs


14 x 950 kgs totes

LOT #:

Available upon request

CAS #:



Slightly hazy, colorless liquid

Manufacturing date:



Andisil® OH 20,000 is a Silanol terminated fluid. Andisil® OH Polymers are a series of silanol functional fluids with various viscosities and silanol contents. They are useful in the treatment of fillers and as Anti-Structuring additives in high consistency silicone rubber and silicone Room Temperature Vulcanizing (RTV) formulations. The low viscosity grades can be used as reactive diluents for high viscosity polymers to adjust the overall viscosity of the formulation. They have excellent stability and can be used with catalytic amounts of ammonium carbonate to treat reinforcing fillers in-situ. Andisil® OH products are pure and do not contain any plasticizers or additives. Curing of the Andisil® OH series can be achieved by all usual condensation crosslinkers (i.e. Alkoxy silanes, oxime silanes, acetoxy silanes) in conjunction with catalysts—the use of dibutyl tin dilaurate or stannous octoate have been found effective as catalysts for these reaction.