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Expancel 551 DE 40 d42

Nom générique :

Dry Expanded Microspheres

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Quantité :

7 596 kgs

Emballage :

422 gaylords de 18 kgs

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Disponible sur demande

Apparence :

Poudre blanche

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Détails :

Expancel 551 DE 40 d42 acts as a lightweight filler and foaming agent. It has fine and uniform pore structure consisting of closed cells. Provides cost reduction, flexibility, sandability and smoother surface. It has low density and no pinholes. Exhibits improved stone chip resistance, sound damping and low UBC weight helps cut fuel consumption. Also provides reduced weight, better applicability, higher water vapor permeability, matting effect and low emission of VOC. Compatible with polyester and polyurethane.

Used in silicone rubber, underbody coatings, paint as well as in printing inks for wallpaper, fabrics and textiles.