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Versollan RU 2204X

Nom générique :

Élastomère thermoplastique

Fabricant :

Avient (formely PolyOne)

Quantité :

1 944 kgs

Emballage :

81 sacs x 24 kgs

# de lot :

Disponible sur demande

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Date de fabrication :

12 2021

Détails :

Versollan™ RU 2204X is a natural colored, high performance TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) alloy. Provides rubbery, soft touch feel with matte finish, fast set up rates during processing, reduced cycle times, bonds to polycarbonate (PC), ABS, PC/ABS and copolyester and offers the performance properties associated with TPUs. Exhibits good abrasion-, chemical- and oil resistance. Is suitable for processing by extrusion and injection molding.