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Cellulose Acetate CA-398-10 NF

Nom générique :

Cellulose Acetate

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Quantité :

996 kgs

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20 barils de 49.8 kgs

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Disponible sur demande

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Apparence :

Poudre blanche

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Eastman Cellulose Acetate CA-398-10 is a low viscosity solution grade of cellulose acetate. It is used in a variety of coatings applications, pressure-sensitive tapes, and wood sealers. When CA-398-10 is dissolved in appropriate solvents a clear, colorless solution is produced.


Architectural coatings
Auto OEM
Auto refinish
Commerical printing inks
Compensation film
Consumer housewares-nfc
Consumer tape
Electronic chemicals
General industrial coatings
Graphic arts
Gravure printing inks
Multi-layer film non food contact
Pack & carton coatings
Packaging inks non food contact
Packaging tape
Paints & coatings
Paper coatings non-food grade
Process additives
Protective coatings
Water treatment industrial
Wood coatings