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Acrypol 934

Nom générique :

Acrypol 934 Polyacrylate Polymer

Fabricant :

Corel Pharma Chem, India

Quantité :

780 kgs

Emballage :

39 boîtes x 20 kgs

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Disponible sur demande

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Apparence :

Poudre blanche légère

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Détails :

Acrypol 934P is a synthetic high molecular weight cross linked polyacrylate polymer. It offers excellent stability at medium and high viscosity and has short flow properties in aqueous system. It produces thick formulations for opaque gels, emulsions, creams and suspensions. It is extensively used in the pharmaceutical topical formulations and cosmetic creams. It is high purity grade which confirms to USP/ NF specifications and is specially used in oral care formulations of pharmaceutical industries. It is used as thickening, suspending and emulsifying agent. It can be used in liquid or semi-solid oral dosage forms. It is used in tablets formulations for binding and sustained release formulations.