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Acclaim 703

Nom générique :

Polyether Polyol

Fabricant :


Quantité :

31 000 kgs

Emballage :

31 totes de 1000 kgs

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Disponible sur demande

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Apparence :

Liquide légèrement rosé

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Détails :

Acclaim 703 polyether polyol is a 700-molecular-weight polypropylene oxide-based triol. The terminal end-groups are predominantly secondary hydroxyls and have a relatively low reactivity. It is compatible with most polyether polyols and can be blended with other diols or triols to achieve desirable modifications of product properties. This polyol is acidified with a low level of phosphoric acid, making it suitable for use in isocyanate-terminated prepolymers.
Acclaim 703 polyol is typically used in a wide range of urethane and other applications, including coatings, potting compounds, plywood patch, wire and cable coatings and thermal break.