How to buy?

Select a product from our list of chemicals (updated daily) to see additional details, documentation and pictures. If you would like a quote, please fill out the form below.

What price will you offer me?

We sell every one of our products at a price below market value.

How can I be certain of a product’s quality?

We carefully evaluate the quality, purity and packaging of every product we move and we proceed with a final product inspection prior to shipping so we can guarantee a seamless delivery. All the necessary documentation will be provided. For your peace of mind, we can also provide you with product samples upon request.

How will my product be delivered?

Over the years, Stobec’s team has established a large network of domestic and international logistics partners. We have access to a wide range of transportation options—including van, bulk, train, vessel or air—and affordable rates, enabling us to lower transportation and handling costs on all of our products. Our team handles all of the shipping and customs documentation requirements on your behalf and ensures that transportation complies with all of the applicable domestic and international regulations.

Do I have to buy the entirety of the product quantity listed on your website?

Depending on how much you wish to buy and where the product is physically located, it might be possible for you to buy a portion of a product’s entire lot. Please contact us to discuss opportunities.