How do you proceed if I have products available ?
We evaluate the products you submit to us.
If necessary, we proceed with a prompt on-site inspection.
We then present you an offer for some or all of your products.
If you accept our offer, we buy the materials and handle of all the logistics involved in moving the material off your premises.
What information do you need for my surpluses ?
Generic names or trademarks, quantities, and names of manufacturers, if available. Market values or original costs would certainly accelerate the evaluation of your products, but are not essential. The more data and documents you have, including certificates of analysis, the faster our reply. When available, photos are also of great help in evaluating the condition of the products.
Do I have to pay a commission or any service fee ?
There are no fees for evaluating and listing your surplus chemicals. If you accept our offer, Stobec assumes all expenses; no additional commission is required.
How much money can I get back ?
For recent and documented products in perfect condition, our offer can be as high as 80% of the actual market value.  Otherwise, a typical offer will be between 30 and 70 % of the actual market value.
Do you have warehousing facilities ?
Stobec Inc. has been handling and warehousing surplus chemicals since 1977.